Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My website is working again! And this time... it's suitable for public consumption!

Well... it may be a slight exaggeration that it's fit for public consumption.  For the people that know me... it's still me.  Depending on the level of math / science / philosophy and crazy stories I put on here, you can go from "what is he talking about; I have a headache" to "he did WHAT?"


It's still time to rejoice (for me anyway)!  I've had this domain for about 6 years... but my websites always ended up fizzling out since I'm not the best with HTML coding and I refuse to figure out annoying web-design programs.  So I guess blogging's the way to go.  Maybe I'll add a few pages of info etc. too.  That'll be a nice easy way to make this into a real page!

Honestly though, between this and facebook; I'm not sure I'll be posting here very often.  But it's a nice place to put down my longer thoughts for posterity's sake - better than facebook that's for sure.  But then again... I worry about airing anything that comes even close to resembling dirty laundry through blogging.  I mean... for one, it's just common sense to not do that.  Secondly, you never know when or what things will come back to bite you.

Sadly, this doesn't just include dirty laundry.  It can even include certain opinions I (may) have that don't match up with what the majority of the public believes - especially on controversial topics.  Of course, the Constitution agrees with me that that's ok; but that doesn't mean potential employers, schools or even business associates agree with that.  It could heavily prejiduce them against me - letting them paint an extravangtly negative picture of me. 

This is where Facebook seems to be a bit better - you get to restrict your thoughts/posts/pictures etc. to just your friends.  I know there's the option to do that with this blog as well... maybe I'll opt to do that in the future.  But unlike Facebook, there's no "friend network" set up here.  It seems like something that'd be very manual.  Now if somehow the blog could tap into my friends list on facebook to populate a list that'd be awesome!  Then again... it'd kind of become like facebook...

Well that string of thought didn't end up anywhere.   But I guess my point was that free speech and free thought will never really be free.

But will that keep me from talking?  Well, those of you who know me know the answer to that.  I'll probably find ways to express my opinions on controversial topics without looking like a complete douche either.  Or that's the plan anyway.

- Karthik M

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