Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cooking fiasco; part Deux

Well I guess it's happened more than once before - but my misadventures with cooking continued the weekend before new years.  I was frying some Poori and I guess the dough I was using had a bit too much water in it (or had a pocket of water).  So a nice blob of super hot oil jumped out of the pan and... onto my face. 

Anyone who cooks has probably felt the sting of hot oil on their skin.  Usually, it is limited to somewhere on my hands.  But this time the blob landed on my left cheek - ouch.  It's healing up well now; but seriously - I think oil has a personal vendetta against me.  Almost every time I cook with oil - something silly happens.  A mini explosion, blue flames, or searing my face.

I should probably wear my chem lab gear (goggles, gloves and overcoat) while cooking in oil from now on.  Yea, that's not weird at all.

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