Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Positive attitude

So I should be going to sleep right now (yes, I have a self imposed curfew - when you're done laughing read on!), but I saw this xkcd comic and I just had to post it.

For anyone who knows me - I'm a fountain of positiveness (and hyperness).  I really loved the reverse psychology stick figure #2 uses in the comic.  If only it were this easy to instill positive attitudes in everyone.  There's also the slight issue that this method is probably not too ethical.

We are ramping up material in our Microbiology / Infections Diseases class.  Although all of our classes are useful - they tend to form a foundation that is probably not directly used.  Microbio's different - we actually learn about the various antibiotics used in hospitals and which microorganisms they work well against!  It's a lot to memorize - but it is definitely very cool.  I mean - this is the real stuff - the stuff we'll probably use most frequently!  And it'll probably help us save lives!

Bring on the tables upon tables of antibiotics crossed with microbes they work/don't work against!  Although, I'm told they already "brought it"; I'm just behind in keeping up with lectures.  Doh.

In other news: partying thursday night, friday night and saturday night.  I wonder why I'm behind?

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