Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter to mother nature

Dear Mother Nature,

Snow in late march (25th) is now how I picture the 5th day of spring!  Please review your calculations, wind direction, precipitation and temperature values and recalibrate!  I want sun!!

Thanks in advance!



The response:

Dear inconsequential little person taking up otherwise useful Carbon,

No.  You pollute my planet, just drop your Carbon emissions when you come in the door and don't bother to clean up after yourself?  You can deal with the effects yourself.

You know I love you, but sometimes, you and all your siblings just need to learn to clean up after yourselves!

With tough love,

- Mother Nature

P.S. I hope you are prepping for that crazy party in 2012!  With the way you guys are handling things - that party is definitely happening.  Just sayin!

Spring's here?  Lies.

1 comment:

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