Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 for 1 deal

So it's been 3 Sundays since my last post.

Whoops!  But I have good excuses!  The first Sunday was the Sunday before our double-header-exam: Endocrinology & Reproduction.  The Sunday after that was during the memorial day weekend.  This last Sunday?  Well, that was just me being lazy.

But to make up for it - I've put up three posts (including this one).  I've been working on the two bulky ones - here and here - for a while now.  Hope you like them.  I think my next two will be on time and responsibility.

My limiting reagent (heh, heh) a little while ago used to be lack of topics.  I didn't have anything deep to talk about.  I'm not sure I have deep stuff to blog about now, but I do have something to blog about.  These days it's the lack of time (yay medical school).

In other news:

I think people are starting to read my blog now.  I mean like, real people.

I apologize if you expect to find some deep / serious commentary on this blog.  I doubt you'll find that here.  But I'll try to make it entertaining (mainly by including pretty pictures)!

If you do a google search for Penn Med and scroll down a bit... this blog is now listed on the first page.  My reaction to this is: "what... why!?"  I know they say any publicity is good publicity, but I'm not sure publicity is what I'm going for with this blog.

If you want to see something really funny - google image search Penn Med.  My group was trying to find some Penn Med related images for a presentation.. and... well, we couldn't stop laughing at the results.

As a bonus scroll all the way to the bottom of the image search results.  You won't be disappointed - it's pretty hilarious.

Edit/Update: this info is not correct. When I google search, it tailors search results for me so my blog shows up on pg 1.  But this isn't true for the general population! So my blog does not show up on google yet - this is a good thing!  But the google images part seems correct though.

Ok, bed time.  I am very, very behind on sleep.

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