Friday, March 21, 2014

Match 2014 Episode 3: It's about time

This will be a short blog post.

Between finding out that I did match on Monday to 11:30 am today (Friday), it's been mostly excitement. less anxiety. I think my fiancee is more anxious than I am. My family still doesn't understand the idea that I only match to one place (unlikely how medical school / undergrad admissions work).

So I went to bed at 2 am so I'd sleep in till 10:30. Unfortunately my fiancee woke me up with a call at 8am because she was super excited for me. No other way I'd rather wake up in the morning - it was cute to see how excited she was.

These are the times you realize how much love and support surrounds you - when everyone around you is way more excited than you are.

And man, this has been a long time coming. 4 years of hard work. A couple of decades of hard work before that. Making sure to dot my i's and cross my t's throughout my education career. Following the long road to my dream. And today - I get to hear about my first job as a doctor.

Let's do this. I have no idea where I want to be or what school I want to go to. Partly because I am shielding myself from disappointment.. but also because I would truly be happy to go to all the schools I listed on my rank list.

So, here goes everything!

Edit: The graduating class decided to give a gift certificate to Barb and Helene - two awesome rock starts at Suite 100 (our administration office) to thank them for all their help over the last 4 years. You guys definitely deserve it! And the standing ovation!

Edit 2: They've started calling names now. It's like a lightning round. Name after name - people run down, grab their envelopes and hurriedly open it. We are all screaming "whoo"s and "yeaaa"s. I don't think my voice will survive this day. Also, I don't think I can keep track of all of my friends who've gone up while still listening for my name. Man... the atmosphere is electric!!

Edit 3: I forgot to mention this. Each person who matched today brought in $1 to put into a pot. This would go to the person who's name got called last (people's names are pulled out randomly). A nice gesture!


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