Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years everyone!

And so another decade ends and 2011 begins.

I remember my 2010 new years eve - I was at Bowrey Electric in New York City with a few of my friends.  It was an odd new years for me because 2010 was the year I'd start medical school - something that I'd been working on for many years.  But I didn't know where that would be.

Now, for 2011, I spent a quiet New Years Eve with my parents at home (like any good new yorker, I got faaaar away from the ball drop well before New Years Eve).  And I know exactly where I'll be for the next few years (yay Penn Med).

Here's raising a glass and hoping every year gets better.  Happy New Year everyone.  I hope and pray that everyone has a great 2011, with many more glorious years to look forward to.

For my engineering buddies out there - happy 0x07DB.

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