Thursday, January 6, 2011


So, as of Jan 3rd (M), I started my second semester at Penn Med.  For the first month, we are taking 1 main course - MDTI (Mechanisms of Disease and Therapeutic Interventions) and a couple of other "touchy feely" classes (Ethics and Clinical Decision Making).  Ok, CDM isn't really touchy feely, it's probably pretty damn important - but MDTI is the meat-y course for this month.

And damn there's a lot of meat.

I spent about 3 hours yesterday trying to catch up on my notes from MDTI.  I was so excited I finally figured out the blood coagulation pathway (it's the one with all the crazy factors, which all have roman numerals and are completely out of sequence).

Then I realized... that was ONE lecture on Monday.  I've still got 1 more to go through.  And I've had on average 2 lectures each day.  So I've still got the lectures from Tuesday and Wednesday to catch up on.

FML is the only thing that comes to mind.  It's clearly not as bad as it could be (if you want to feel a lot better about your life - definitely checkout the FML website).  So I guess this is "real" medical school.  I am soooo not prepared.  Thanks to the holiday week (and a half) I've also forgotten how to maintain a good sleep cycle, so it's writing checks my body can't cash.

In other good news: I (finally) followed through on my New Year resolution - to restart my workout program.  I don't have lofty goals of getting a six pack or anything like that (although it would be nice obviously).  I just really wanted to restart P90X, especially since I saw great results the first time I did it.

So what did I find out?  I've lost a lot of muscle in the last 6 months that I haven't really worked out.  Can't lift my arms over my shoulder right now.  Yay chest & back.  That means I have to do plyometrics today (jump training) - which is "the mother of all p90x workouts".  Yea... let's see how long I can keep this up...

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